Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Of the Special Birds of Semliki National Park Uganda

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A full 35 Guinea-Congo forest biome bird species are, within East Africa, known only from Semliki National Park. These are spot-breasted ibis, Hartlaub’s duck, Congo Serpent Eagle, chestnut-flanked  goshawk, red-thighed sparrowhawk, long-tailed hawk, Nkulengu rail, black-throated coucal, chestnut owlet, Bates’s nightjar, black-wattled hornbill, white-crested hornbill, red-rumped tinkerbird, spotted honeyguide, lyre-tailed honeyguide, Zenker’s honeyguide, African piculet, Gabon woodpecker, white-throated blue swallow, palm swamp greenbul, yellow-throated nicator, northern bearded scrub-robin, lowland akalat, grey ground thrush, fiery-breasted bush-shrike, red-eyed puffback, black-winged oriole, Maxwell’s black weaver, blue-blind malimbe and Grant’s hornbill.

Another 12 species with an extremely limited distribution in East Africa are reasonably likely to be seen by visitors spending a few days in Semliki National Park. These are western bronze-naped pigeon, yellow-throated cuckoo, piping longbill, red-sided hornbill, Xavier’s greenbul, Capuchin babbler, yellow longbill, blue headed flycatcher, red-billed helmetshrike, crested malimbe, pale-fronted antpecker, and chestnut-breasted Negro-finch

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